Kyrgyzstan Honey


Where is Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan is located at the northeast part of Central Asia. The area is covered by Tianshan and Pamir Alai mountain ranges. Referred to as "the Switzerland of Central Asia", 40% of country is located above 3,000m sea level. The plant resources of the country are also abundant. It grows more than 3,000 different species of plants. Amongst those, there are about 1,600 herbs have economic value. Most of them are valuable medicine. And because the country is mountainous, people inhabit together. It is one of the few countries that are not polluted.

Naryn, an independent city of Kyrgyzstan, was formerly a beekeeping base of USSR. At an elevation of 3,000m and above, with no residence within 300km, and no factories or farms in 500km, it is a place with zero pollution, but fresh breeze and clean water. It is even a famous natural protection wildlife area. It is a perfect condition for flowers to groom and honeybee to feed.

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Excellent Bee Species, Limited Honey Output

Kyrgyzstan have bee species that is one of its kind. “Bee King Karbaht” and “Bee King Karnea” are able to withstand the cold weather at 2,000m and above. They also have strong immunity and need not antibiotics to help. At winter, they feed on their own food, instead of intaking artificial fodder. That is why it is purely 100% natural with no antibiotics residues in the bees. It takes at least half a year for those bee species to produce honey, which means beekeeper only harvest once a year. Therefore, this honey is rare. It has a high concentration and strong viscosity. Due to its maturity, this honey can be kept for a long time. It also has a high nutritional value and is easy for digestion and absorption. The unique environment of Kyrgyzstan allows nurturing of fine honey, which is incomparable. For long, Kyrgyzstan honey is well known in Central Asia as “medicated honey”. Its main export markets include Central Asia, Russia, Japan and some European countries.


The emerging Kyrgyzstan honey has become a new star in honey industry. It has won a number of awards in various bee product competitions. In 2013, Kyrgyzstan honey won 3 gold and 2 silver medals in the 43th International Apicultural Congress. And it had also won countless awards and honors in the 44th and 45th International Apicultural Congress as well.

Divine's honey comes from the local official cooperative, and is the only local partner in Hong Kong.All honey is sent directly to Hong Kong by the apiary. To ensure the quality of the honey produced, Divine specially sent a Hong Kong commissioner to go to the apiary in Kyrgyzstan to understand the production process.In addition to quality testing, the honey produced in the country has also completed testing in Hong Kong,ensuring that all honey is pure, no sugar and antibiotics.

Due to the wide species of flower range including alfalfa, sainfoin, sweet clover, etc, white honey carries great benefits:

- strong healing property

- recommended for gastritis, promotion of digestion

- enhancement of immunity, protection of liver, relief for fatigue

- improvement of blood circulation

- promotion of heart & brain vascular function

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