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Armenian Ceramic & Wooden Tray - Colorful Pretty Flowers
Size: 6.7" X 14.6" / 17 X 37 cmThis gorgeous ceramic tray is full of bright cheerful color..
Armenian Jerusalem plate
CeramicDiameter: 8.66" / 22 cmThis gorgeous ceramic plate is full of bright, cheerful colo..
Armenian Pomegranate Ceramic with Mosaic Design
CeramicSize: Height: 10 cm / 4"This gorgeous pomegranate shaped Armenian ceramic sculpture..
Ceramic Jerusalem Hebrew Wall Clock
Handmade Ceramic Wall ClockHebrew numerals Armenian Ceramic Wall Clock with Jerusalem Old ..
Jerusalem of Gold Souvenir Mug
Jerusalem of Ceramics Souvenir MugA classy Jerusalem Ceramics mug with a white backgr..
Kiddush cup hammered (925 silver plated)
Stainless Steel with Brass Pomegranates Natural Material CollectionAdd them to your collec..
Light of Jerusalem Scented Candle in Clay Lamp Holder (Natural)
Light of Jerusalem Scented Candle in Clay Lamp Holder (Natural)The soft light and unforget..
Peace To All Nations Dress
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