ДОМ is a brand specializing in the products of Central Asia. The products include honey, dried fruits, spices, flower tea, health foods and so on.

The Central Asian region broadly includes China's Xinjiang, the five Central Stan states, and even the Caucasus, etc. Most of them were ruled by the former Soviet Union. Although the population is small and the industry is backward, natural resources are abundant, with the most beautiful lakes, rivers, plateaus, glacier deserts and so on.Due to backward industries, undeveloped agriculture, and years of closure, the natural environment and water resources are preserved, and Central Asia has a gifted inland climate, various polar environments, and ancient fruit trees, naturally produced products. The original, still preserved, is one of the best preserved and richly-produced regions of the world.

ДОМ i s the meaning of the Russian "home", and the brand logo is the Kyrgyz and Kazakh traditional "felt room", is their home. Due to the underdevelopment of industries in Central Asia, there are not many large-scale factories, so many small home-based workshops have been reserved and produced in-house. Compared to the products that we are accustomed to using in large factories, ДОМ is a brand that integrates many different “home” productions. It can be regarded as an alternative in the industry model of thousands of times.

ДОМ not only brings you high-quality natural products, but also hopes to introduce to you the mysterious country of Central Asia through products. We believe that in this generation, natural and pollution-free environment and products require us to spend our resources and strength on cherishing and protecting. I hope everyone likes the products that ДОМ brings to everyone.

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