Spearmint organic tea - caffeine free

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Spearmint organic tea - caffeine free

Mint is one of the wild herbs growing in Israel.

Yoffi’s mint tea is made of fresh mint leaves, has a fresh delicate minty taste and aroma.

Yoffi’s mint tea is served in impressive designed packs, used for a sealed storage of tea, food, etc. It has a great contribution to your health. The mint tea is made only of organic materials; it is caffeine free and rich with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

Mint assists in soothing the digestive system and also eases on cases of cough or common cold. It is also known to reduce fever.

Yoffi’s herbal tea is best if combined with green or black tea. This combination highlights its flavor and empowers its healing qualities.

Yoffi’s tea is made in Israel in an Israeli boutique factory specializing in high-quality natural herbal tea.

Net Weight: 35g


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