Natural Dead Sea Water

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Bio Marine Natural Dead Sea Water

Sea of Spa Dead Sea water is useful for a variety of ailments including psoriasis, allergies, eczema & rashes. The minerals in this water can improve circulation, relax nerves, stimulate cell metabolism, clear skin blemishes and improve elasticity. You can mix the Dead Sea water in your bath to have a soak. Another use is to soak towel or cloth in Dead Sea water heated in microwave for a minute or so(the bottle is not microwavable), then place on painful areas. The Dead Sea salt concentration has been known for medicinal value since antiquity. Aristotle, the Queen of Sheba, and King Solomon all bathed in this sea and doctors today will prescribe Dead Sea baths for patients suffering from skin ailments. The level of the Dead Sea is dropping so its southern part would be dry, except for water channeled from further north to aid extraction of minerals. This Sea is ten times salty as the oceans and twice the salt of the Great Salt Lake in Utah and richer in minerals.

Sea of Spa Natural Dead Sea Water contains all of the minerals from the Dead Sea. These minerals include calcium, magnesium, bromine & potassium. Much research supports the concept of using natural Dead Sea Water to promote healing. 

*The effect of the product varies with different individuals. Please test it on a small area before use to confirm that the physical condition is appropriate and safe to use.

Volume: 500 ml

Made in Israel

Shipped directly from Israel

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