Kyrgyzstan White Honey

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【Product description】

Gold winner of the 2013 Apimondia International Beekeeping Conference in Kiev, Ukraine

White honey is precious ingredients, global output is scarce

High concentration and strong viscosity texture, non-comparable with general honey.

It has a strong healing property. Kyrgyz people claim it as a gift for healing.

Recommended for gastritis, promotion of digestion, enhancement of immunity, protection of liver, relief for fatigue,
improvement of blood circulation and promotion of heart and brain vascular function.

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2 times a day,5 - 8g per time

Not recommend using hot water. Honey contains a lot of minerals, vitamins and enzymes that are important for metabolism.  They may be destroyed in hot water.
It is better to use water of 40 degrees or below to keep its nutrition values.


It is not recommended for people who are sensitive to honey and children under 24 months.


100% Natural Kyrgyzstan white Honey.

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