Organic Detoxifying Infusion Tea: NIKUZIT

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Organic Detoxifying Infusion Tea: NIKUZIT

Nikuzit tea will be contributed to strengthen your overall immune system. By stimulating the enzymes in the kidneys and liver, it will drain the toxins which have accumulated in your system.
When starting usage, the urine may frequently appear darker than before, because toxins will start to be released through the kidneys.

Usage: Infuse 1 sachet in 4 glasses of boiling water, and leave for 20 minutes without heating or store in the refrigerator (Can be consumed cold or hot; lemon and sweeteners may be added).

100% organically grown natural ingredients.
Nettle, savory, corn, wheat grass, green tea, everlasting, etrog peels, peppermint, dandelion, clary sage, stevia, medicinal sage.
25 Tea bags 1.5 g each.
Precaution: It’s is not advised for people suffering from hypertension, or younger than 13. Kosher for Passover.

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